God’s Grace

God’s grace could be understood as the absolute certainty of the karmic coherence of the entire universe in all its expressions as realms and possibilities. Grace is the provision within the realm of consciousness for the availability to use all the means to salvation and absolute freedom. By choice, one determines one’s own fate. There are no arbitrary forces to be reckoned with. Love chooses love and goes to love. The mechanism of forgiveness affords that very forgiveness. The entire universe is encompassed by compassion, which is available to all. Prayer is effective. God does not ‘decide’ in some arbitrary manner. The innate qualities of Divinity are mercy and compassion. There are no favors to be sought. It is only necessary to accept that which already exists as a given. Grace can only be accepted or denied. An individual soul may deny acceptance because it does not feel it deserves it, but  ‘Judge not,’ sayeth the Lord.’ Otherwise, one would be at the mercy of the positionalities of the ego.”

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