Perception is Always Partial

Q: “What, then, is illusion which we hear about so much?

A: The entire perceptual illusion which the ego claims to be reality is completely and totally the product of positionality. This is very important to unravel and understand in one’s own experiential awareness. If you observe carefully, you will note that at the time the mind is taking a position, that position stems from choice, training, desire, emotion, or political or religious viewpoint. From the arbitrary positionalities of moralizing, all actions and events can be categorized as right or wrong. From that positionality stem all the pointless sacrifice and sufferings of the world.

Q: What is the cause of this error?

A: Judgmentalism. This is the great vanity of all egos. Scripture says, “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” Also, “Judgment is mine; sayeth the Lord.” Christ said to forgive. The Buddha said there is nothing to judge because perception can only see illusion. Perception is always partial and limited by an arbitrary context. In truth, no judgment is possible.”

… The swiftest way out of problems and ignorance is by acquiring an understanding of the nature of consciousness itself. Awareness of the nature of consciousness catapults one through all problems, limitations, and human endeavors. It is the most important subject of all subjects to be learned because it underlies all human experience and enterprise. Science itself has progressed only to the point where it can advance no further without understanding the nature of consciousness.”

From The Eye of the I  p. 180-182

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