The Exposure to High Truth

Q:      What is the benefit of learning teachings that seem incomprehensible at the time?

A:      They only seem obscure to the intellect. They plant the seed, and the aspirant’s spiritual aura incorporates the transmitted energy field of the teacher’s aura. Certain information is transformational in itself. Exposure to high truth initiates a yearning in the psyche. The Buddha made that observation when he said that once a person has heard of enlightened truth, he will never be satisfied with anything less, even though it takes innumerable lifetimes to attain it.

Q:      What characteristics facilitate comprehension and transformation?

A: Dedication, devotion, faith, prayer, surrender, and inspiration. When the barriers are relinquished, Truth reveals itself spontaneously.

From I: Reality and Subjectivity, ch. 7, pg. 205-206

3 thoughts on “The Exposure to High Truth”

  1. This has been my experience. The quest for truth grows and bears fruit daily. Thank you Susan for sharing!

  2. I love reading these passages every day with my morning coffee. It’s so lovely to revise all the teachings that I have read about in Doc’s books, it uplifts my day. Thank you Susan!

  3. Susan, I love you both, please know that my day starts with reading the “thought for the day” and Along the Path. Doc and you have helped me so much to understand myself and the world we all live in. Thank you both. Ron

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