Shift of Paradigm

Importantly, level 500 indicates that the subjective condition called Love has now become not only significant but also dominant, not just as a feeling and emotion, but as the guiding principle.  While the energy of Love may be focused as a consequence of interest or motive, it represents a breaking away from restriction and limitation of self-interest.  Love serves, whereas ego seeks to be served in its pursuit of gain.  To Love, the long-term satisfaction and pleasure of givingness replace the evanescent, short-term ego satisfaction of gain.

The energy of Love has a unique, timeless quality that gratifies potentialities that are subtle and difficult to logically describe.  As Love becomes progressively spiritualized, it emerges as an alignment with Divinity, which is the ultimate source and province of Love.  It thereby becomes viewed as holy, sacred, and the substance of devotion, religious faith, and mystical awareness.

From Transcending the Levels of Consciousness, Section Three-Overview, pg. 242

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  1. Interesting the energy of love as a motive for self interest is transformed and breaking away from restricted and self-limiting “love” becomes well I can’t explain it. more loving

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