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In the beginning, it takes effort because of resistance, but when willingness becomes perfected due to progressive surrender, the tool takes on a life of its own.
…This shift of viewpoints is consequent to the evolution of consciousness, which has moved from want/have/seek to effortless attraction by virtue of what one has become. 
At the lower levels of consciousness, effort is applied within the context of cause and effect, but as evolution of consciousness progresses, phenomena are the consequence of attraction by the energy field itself rather than as a consequence of personal volition. At a higher level, it is only necessary to ‘be with’ rather than to ‘own’.
Consciousness is the irreducible substrate of the human capacity to know or experience, to perceive or witness, and it is the essence of the capacity for awareness itself. It is the formless, invisible field of energy of infinite dimension and potentiality, and the foundation of all existence.  It is independent of time, space, or location, yet all-inclusive and all-present.
It is helpful to realize that the anger is not at what ‘is’, but at what ‘is not’.  We are angry not because someone is selfish or stingy, as we think, but actually because they are not considerate, generous, or loving.  If recontextualization is done in this way, then people are seen as being limited rather than wrong.  Each person has developed only up to a specific point in their evolution, and therefore, it is easier to see and accept limitation rather than fault.  
From The Eye of the I, p. 365

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