When Perception Ceases…

The universe responds to love by revealing its prevalence.  It is hidden to ordinary perception, but the awareness is finessed by lovingness itself.  Awareness is a capacity that is beyond the senses or emotions.  If one ceases anthropomorphic projections and limitations, it is revealed that all that exists is innately conscious and emanates love as a consequence of the divinity of Creation.

Every plant is aware of its surroundings and the admiration and respect for it.  It returns to us by reviewing its own intrinsic perfection and beauty.  Each plant stands forth as a unique, creative sculpture and is a perfect expression of its  essence.  Divinity shines forth from all Creation to those who can see.  Nature becomes not unlike a children’s cartoon where the trees smile, the animals talk, and the flowers move gaily.  When perception ceases, the world of wonder reveals itself.  Consciousness is in all that exists.  It recognizes itself manifesting as the All of Creation.

From The Eye of the I, ch. 15, pg. 298

4 thoughts on “When Perception Ceases…”

  1. I was angry because a cheery tree did not produce good fruit.In that state of anger I threatened to cut it down.The following day I observed the leaves had wilted. I did not cut it down.I changed my attitude. The tree still lives.This all occurred in summertime more than five years ago.

  2. Thank you, Susan Hawkins. I attended an event in Columbus, Ohio over which you and your husband Dr. Hawkins presided on May 3, 2003. I am rereading
    several of your husband’s books – presently, “Reality and Subjectivity.”

    Please place me on list to receive notification of your yearly event in Sedona.

    Best wishes + love,
    Donna-Jeanne Barr

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