Love is the Magic Catalyst

Every plant is aware of its surroundings and the admiration and respect for it. It returns to us by reviewing its own intrinsic perfection and beauty. Each plant stands forth as a unique, creative sculpture and is a perfect expression of its essence. Divinity shines forth from all Creation to those who can see. Nature becomes not unlike a children’s cartoon where the trees smile, animals talk, and flowers move gaily. When perception ceases, the world of wonder reveals itself. Consciousness is in all that exists. It recognizes itself manifesting as the Allness of Creation.

Q: How can such a wondrous revelation come about? 

A: By the mere intention of kindness, respect, and consideration for All That Is, without exception, and in every detail, including oneself. We see what we believe and accept that we ourselves are. The qualities of gratitude, thankfulness, gentleness, and appreciation are themselves powerfully transforming. Our experience of the world and life is totally the result of inner beliefs and positionalities. Out of love and respect for God arises the willingness to surrender all these prejudgments, and the humility that ensues opens the doors to the splendor of reality which is the revelation of the self. Love is the magic catalyst that brings about the awareness. In the end, faith is replaced by certainty, and therefore it is said that God is found by those who seek Him.

From The Eye of the I: ch. 15, pg. 298-299

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