Silence and Peace Can be Chosen

The ego/mind is attracted to novelty and therefore searches frantically for interesting form and sensation.  This can be refused and replaced by interest in the silent, formless substrate that is always present and merely has to be noticed.  It is comparable to the silent background without which sound could not be discerned.

The phenomenal world is like a giant Rorschach card – the figure ‘means’ whatever one wishes it to.  Sound is discernible only because it is superimposed against the background of silence, and thus form can only be recognized because it is superimposed within formless space.  Likewise, the content of mind is only identifiable because of its formless, silent background screen.  The experiencer can thus be directed to focus on the silent, formless backdrop.  The substrate, because of its silence, has an innate feeling of peace.  Silence and peace can be chosen, appreciated, valued, and welcomed as relief from the constant tension of the ever-watchful  expectancy of the experiencer function.  When peace is more valued than the entertainment of the insatiable ego, it will be discovered to be ever present and available. 

From Discovery of the Presence of God, ch. 15, pg. 247-248

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  1. Another AWESOME contemplation from the DOC, thankyou Veritas “Susan” whom ever it maybe posting the DOC’s wonderful words.

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