Dickens’ Christmas Carol

Question:  ­­­­­­­­­What can you do in this lifetime to negate any karmic responsibilities that you may have acquired? Do you have any shortcuts?

Answer: “Do good at all times to all people and cross your fingers, hahahaha. I guess one follows one’s spiritual direction to the best of one’s ability, which is all that’s required, you know what I’m saying?

That’s all that’s required. It’s not that God is a cruel taskmaster. See, God is not arbitrary. God is completely non-arbitrary. One earns one’s way out by one’s own good intentions. And you watch Dickens’ Christmas Carol every year. It’s worth watching every year because I think it’s a great spiritual treatise. I think that Dickens’ Christmas Carol is one of the greatest spiritual treatises ever written. The “Ghost of Christmas past”- we see where it would take us in the future and now, we have the chance to choose differently, that’s all. He was a great spiritual teacher.”

From Jan 2002 Causality: The Ego’s Foundation, DVD Disk 3 01:27:35-01:28:53


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  1. Thank you Susan! I really appreciate these ongoing thoughts and quotes from the Doc.
    I was first in contact with him while I was in treatment at Pia’s Place in Prescott from January – March 1997 – and Doc was the psychiatrist there.
    All I wanted to do was hug him. lol. I was stuck in depression with the thoughts “I don’t believe Jesus saved the world – it doesn’t look saved – I sure don’t feel saved. I think that if Jesus came to this pit of despair now he would kill Himself! ” Dr. Hawkins then introduced me to an understanding of karma and levels of consciousness. He told me where I could find his first book Power vs Force if I wanted to look into this further – and I was off and running. This resonated with me like nothing else.

    Then later around 2002 (I was living in Tuba City, AZ while my husband was working on the Navajo reservation) I found out he was giving talks in Sedona – so I drove down to a bunch of them – bought more books, CD’s and Dvd’s .
    I guess he came to the world when the need was so great – and now we are invited to continue in that tradition with that Spirit.
    Wishing you all the best, Susan, as your life continues to unfold. Peace, Dot Himes

  2. Thank you Susan and Thank God for Doc!! “A Christmas Carol” is this student’s favorite movie along with A Wonderful Life”. Redemption! Now this one will watch it again with Doc’s teachings in mind and is sure to get even more out of it. Much Love to you and Happy Holidays!

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