Negative Emotions


Question: I’ve been on a spiritual path for many years and do not understand why I still experience negative emotions.

Answer: There’s a common illusion that spiritually evolved, loving people never have any negativity, as though they are already angelic.  They get annoyed that they still have negative feelings, and then it’s compounded by their guilt and self-frustration.  They have to realize that feelings are transitory, whereas their intention to evolve remains constant.  Let go of feeling guilty that you are still just an ordinary human despite your angelic ambitions! Having compassion towards your innate humanness, its nervous system, and the brain function that goes with it allows for greater equanimity.  Heavenly ambitions do not necessarily make us angels!

From Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender, ch. 21, pg. 320

4 thoughts on “Negative Emotions”

  1. Thank you so much Susan for these gems of inspiration and re-contextualization. I needed this today.
    Gloria in excelsus dei!

  2. Yep! Lol As I love how Hawkins had said “Let me know when you walk on water cause I would like to walk on it too, or big deal to God and the world…you made a mistake.”
    Funny stuff.
    My band teacher in high school used to say “when you make a mistake, stand back and appreciate it.”
    An my favorite. “No Monday morning quarterbacking.”
    Thank You Susan and Doctor Hawkins. You have clarified so many important distressing issues that twenty five years of psychotherapy couldn’t touch, and helped me grow spiritually which would have taken eons of time otherwise!. Lord Bless You Both.

    Rebecca K. Ball

  3. For so many years my greatest block was that I did not want to be in a human body. Many years were spent outside of the body. How disorienting was that! I know you can imagine what such a journey entailed. I recently purchased some of Dr. Hawkins books, cd’s, etc. I love his work and have benefited greatly. I am a retired 82 year RN. Thank you Susan for being the blessing you are to us.

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