Transcending the Opposites

Q: How does one transcend the opposites?

A: Consciousness does so automatically when understanding occurs through reflection, familiarity, prayer, meditation, or inspiration. It is also facilitated by the words or level of consciousness of the teacher.  What is impossible at one level of consciousness becomes obvious and simple at a higher one.  A human being is both spirit and body; therefore, it is at all times actually existing in both the linear and the nonlinear domains.  The body, unless imbued with consciousness and subjective awareness, is not aware of its own existence.  It takes action only when it is motivated and presented with value, such as the desire for enjoyment in the experience of life.

From The Eye of the I, ch. 20, pg. 386

6 thoughts on “Transcending the Opposites”

  1. What an outstanding beautiful teaching! It certainly makes one feel wonderful for being on the path…

    Thank you Susan for this beautiful post.

  2. The message is loud and clear. Doc once said to me in a dream that “It will all be okay in the end.”

  3. Hey Susan,
    when will the “The Map of Consciousness Explained” (10th book) and “Truth VS. Falsehood” (4th book) be translated into german? Thank you!

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