Aware Mind

Q: Is aware mind primarily a different perspective?

A: The ego conceals, whereas awareness reveals.  The answer to many defective ego positions could be subsumed in the commonly overlooked sanity of ‘common sense’.  The ego is naïve despite its pretentiousness.  It pompously demands proof of the obvious, and in doing so, it is slyly nonintegrous.  It could be best described as sophomoric in its facile solutions and self-importance.

The ego feels threatened by common sense and piously recites how society has been mistaken in the past.  In so doing, however, it does not cite examples of common sense at all but instead cites historical examples of faulty collective ego positions.

From I: Reality and Subjectivity, ch. 18, pg. 429-430

13 thoughts on “Aware Mind”

  1. The parts of the ego described herein seem, to this one, to be on more glaring display in the general public these days.

    Also, I think Doc might remind me that such a perception is being shaped by media and that it isn’t “real,” anyway. Surrender it and walk on. 🙂

    Thank you, Susan, for posting this. God bless!

  2. Does aware mind is really taking different perspective?
    Does the perspective not assume the adoption of any position? And the adoption of a specific position does not limit the specific perspective?

  3. Hello Susan,
    Came across a link today to the consciousness calibration group, headed by Brian Gibbs, that appeared in the David R Hawkins & Referenced Works group on Facebook. Brian Gibbs is using Doc’s work for is own profit and self glorification. The way it’s presented is obviously a temptation to some students. I used to be a member of this group until I got kicked out because I assume my comments were concerned with truth and therefore contrary to their mission.
    I would be happy to post a warning about the consciousness calibration group to the Doc groups on Facebook as well as the study groups that I participate with.
    Wonder if a letter to Brian Gibbs from a lawyer might curtail his activities?
    Thanks for your consideration,
    John Ensign

  4. Hi Susan,

    I was wondering if there was anyone carrying on our belovered Dr. Hawkins work

    Charles Blumetti

    1. Hi Charles,
      We here at Veritas are still releasing never before seen videos and audio products of Dr. Hawkins. We are making sure his work is widely available to everyone across the world. In addition, I am holding a monthly zoom meeting with Fran Grace where I discuss different spiritual topics that Dr. Hawkins emphasized. Lastly, Dr. Hawkins never gave anyone permission to teach his work and neither have I.
      Thank you,

      1. HI there Susan from Cape Town South AFrica

        I’m glad you mentioned the monthly Zoom meet ups. Despite the awkward time difference I would love to attend. Thus far in the months past, somehow by the time it comes to my notice, the Zoom meeting is already fully booked. About 4 days ago I popped over to the Events page of the Veritas Website and noticed that nothing has yet been set out for May 2021. How would you suggest I stay abreast of the notification of the forthcoming dates so that I can jump in soonest.
        Many thanks for all that is being done to uphold and continue Doc’s body of work.
        Fondest Rose

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