To transcend the world requires compassion and acceptance.  They are the result of inner humility by which the world is surrendered to God with increased peace of mind.  One of the most valuable spiritual tools about which, historically, little has been said is the great value of humor.  Comedy arises as a result of the comparison that is made between perception and essence, and the resolution is a consequence of the acceptance of the ambiguity.

Humor is quite different from ridicule or malice as it is compassionate in that it accepts human limitations and foibles as being intrinsic.  It therefore assists ‘wearing the world like a light garment’ and illustrates that in being like the reed that bends in the wind, one survives instead of being broken down by rigidity.

The relief of laughter via a joke expresses the pleasure at dissolution of conflict, and the capacity to laugh at oneself is essential to positive self-esteem.  To respond to everything as though it were highly important is a result of the vanity of the narcissistic core of the ego ( e.g. being ‘sensitive’ or offended’). Humor recontextualizes experiences and events and thus facilitates enjoyment without moralistic judgmentalism.  Humor evolves as philosophical acceptance and has a healing effect.  It thereby decreases suffering, conflict, and negative emotions.

From Reality, Spirituality, and Modern Man, ch. 16, pg. 312-313

7 thoughts on “Acceptance/Humor”

  1. I think Dr Hawkins himself was a living proof that humour changes the way we perceive the world and how we get perceived by others

  2. One of my favourite things about Doc is his laughter. It really is like a portal to other worlds.
    Plus it must be so nice for you to have so many recordings of his laughter, my daddy-o passed last September and I so wish I had audio recording of his laughter… it really was like soul food as I was growing up, and once I became an adult. I miss his laughter, and I’m so happy for you that you can still hear Doc’s laughs all over the internet.

    Peace and love!

  3. I do not know if this is that right place to make the following comment. I just started reading “THE MAP OF CONSCIOUSNESS EXPLAINED” and I came across an incorrect statement on page 39, second line from the top of the page. The statement says: “At 200, the arm will go weak”. If my understanding of the Map is correct, the statement should say: “At 200, the arm will go strong”. Please correct me if my interpretation of what I read is incorrect.

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