Love emanates from the heart.  When we are in the presence of people who love each other, we pick up that energy.  The love of our loved ones, pets, and friends is the love of Divinity for us.  When we go to bed at night, we give thanks that we were surrounded with love all day.  Each moment is possible only because of love.  The writing of this book (Letting Go) is possible only because of love.

In the state of love, we wake up every morning and give thanks for another day of life, and we seek to make life better for everyone around us.  Because of the presence of love, things go better; the eggs get fried better; the ducky gets saved; the kitty gets fed; and the doggie is adopted from the pound and brought home.  We share our love with everything around us, all forms of life: kitties, doggies, other people, all living things…

From Letting Go, ch. 12, pg. 176.

4 thoughts on “Love”

  1. Great message. God bless Doc. His work has taught me that the greatest contribution we can give to the world is simply putting one foot ahead of the other as we follow our individual path in continued intelligent love, radiating that out to everything that our life touches.

  2. Thank you Susan for reminding us of what is precious and worth our attention. I thank God for the new technologies that make it possible for us to reach wonderful teachers of Truth faster and easier. Thank you for the life of Dr. David Hawkins and his contribution to the development of consciousness. Thank you Suzan for being here for us.

  3. I remind myself a lot these days, that our level of Consciousness and living love daily, sometimes moment by moment, is the greatest way we affect the world.

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