Total Oneness

Emotions blind perception and guarantee error. Duality is thus a separation of truth and error which is sourced by the vanity of perception and the ego.

Q How does perception result in duality?

A: Arbitrary selectivity results in a positionality, which is a point of view that artificiality polarizes the oneness of Reality into seemingly separate parts. These parts are apparent only and not actually separate in Reality. The separation into parts occurs only in the mind and not in Reality.

… In an attempt to reconnect that which has now been conceptually separated in the processes of the mind’s thoughts, causality is invented to explain what is now viewed as ‘relationship’. In Reality, there is only identity; there is no cause of anything nor is it required in the Newtonian paradigm of linear causality of ‘this seems to be causing that’. In Reality, everything is already complete, and the total oneness is beyond time, space, and separation or definition. It is obvious that nothing is the cause of anything else as that would require a dualistic separation in time and space, which is impossible.

… It is relatively easy to see that the ’cause’ of anything is the totality of the entire universe throughout all time, being what it is in all its expressions as existence. All things exist as an expression of identity, and the essence of all things shines forth by its presence. All things are self-created by divine expression as existence. Therefore, each ‘thing’ can only be what it is because of the totality of the entire universe.


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