The Field

Just before the world disappears altogether, you notice that everything is happening spontaneously.

The most important thing to know is that everything is happening in and of its own. Nothing is being caused by anything. All phenomena are the automatic consequence of the field.
The field is one of infinite, invisible, omnipotent power, all encompassing, like a giant electromagnetic field – no beginning; no ending; either spatially, or in time – forever and always, present.  

This field is infinitely powerful. (The human mind cannot conceive of the Infinite except as a concept.) Its presence is exquisitely gentle and exquisitely powerful. The field is so powerful that potentiality is activated by the field, to become an actuality. All things happen by virtue of the infinite power of the field. 
What the world considers evolution is the witnessing of creation, which is continuous. The Unmanifest, beyond the linear, becomes manifest by Divine Providence as the totality of creation; this happens effortlessly.
Within the field, potentiality is actualized by intention. Therefore, each thing comes forth manifesting its karmic inheritance, you might say its “innate potential.” And, when the conditions are appropriate, the potentiality becomes an actuality, in and of itself. In and of itself, as a consequence of the infinite power of the field!
The field is so powerful that, if you continuously hold a thought, it will become a happening.  Otherwise, no one would become enlightened. Therefore, one’s intention is all-powerful.
The ego is very clever. As a potentiality begins to manifest, it takes credit for it. There is no inner, separate personal self, making anything happen.
All is happening in and of its own. By Divine ordination does the Unmanifest become Manifest; in and of itself, because of the infinite power of the field, and for no other reason.

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