Devotion to Nonduality

If, in Reality, there is no separate ‘this’ (me) or elsewhere ‘that’ (God), how do the illusions of the Unreal become replaced by the Real?  The way is not by acquiring even more information or knowledge about God but instead by surrendering all suppositions.  The core of devotion is humility and the willingness to surrender all belief systems and illusions of ‘I know’.

The Realization of the Presence of Divinity unfolds of its own when the ego and its perceptual positionalities are surrendered.  To ‘Know’, it is necessary to drop the limiting impairment of the illusion of knowing ‘about’.  The mind collects knowledge, facts, and mentations that are limited by context and paradigm of mentalization.  The Realization emerges from a paradigm different from the linear, conceptual mind. Thus mind is replaced by Mind.  While mind is talkative, Mind is silent and unmoving, yet do all seeming ‘things’ move within it.  In contrast, evolution appears to ordinary mind as the consequence of cause and effect because of the perceptions of form, time and change.

Thus, spiritual evolution means to move from identification with content (linear ‘mind’) to context (nonlinear Mind). Spiritual evolution in itself brings forth the transformation in the nonform of Realization, which is beyond conceptualization or languaging and instead becomes apparent and dominant without the necessity of thought.

From Discovery of the Presence of God, ch. 1, pg. 38-39

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