Devotion as a Way of Life

Worship is recontextualized by devotion. It is not done for the benefit of the worshipper or the imaginary benefit to God, but instead, it is merely an acknowledgement of Reality. It is aligned with gratitude for the gift of awareness/consciousness as the Reality of the Knower/Self. It is by virtue of the truth of the Reality of Divinity that the Reality of Divinity can be realized (apperceived and comprehended), which results in gratitude for the capacity for the recognition. Thus, devotion is not the same as piety, nor is it a mood, but instead it is a way of life and a way of being with oneself, God, and the world.
Divinity emanates as consciousness/awareness, which sources Creation in its expression as the emergence of existence. The conditions implied by the term ‘beingness’, ‘existence’, ‘awareness’, or ‘consciousness’ are without subject or object and devoid of causal qualities. The Nonlinear is therefore a field of Infinite Power by which manifestation emerges as the consequence of potentiality, which itself is an expression of Creation. Within that which is perceived is the Unseen as the Source of All that Exists.

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