Just ‘Be’

Q: What else is to be surrendered besides the ego’s secret payoffs?

A: One has to see through the mind’s illusion that it knows anything.  This is called humility and has the value of opening the door for realizations, revelations, and intuitive knowingness.

The mind searches for meaning and is therefore circuitous in that it can reach only its own definitions of meaning.  In Reality, nothing has any meaning for it has no attributes to be discerned.  Everything merely exists as it was created – complete and perfect.  Everything fulfills its purpose by merely being what it is.  Everything is the fulfillment of its own essence and potentiality.  The only ‘requirement’ for anything that exists is to just ‘be’. Its destiny under the conditions of any given moment is already completely fulfilled.  Therefore, that which it is represents the completion of all past possibility up to that very moment; everything is the way it is supposed to be.  As essence fulfilling its potentiality, it is witnessed by a corresponding level of consciousness.  In any nanosecond of observation, nothing is actually changing.  What are changing are the position of the witness and the point of observation.  Change is merely a process of sequential perception.

Life can be pictured as a series of stop frames, like the flicker pads of childhood.  This poses the conundrum: Is it the world that is moving or the mind that is moving?

From I: Reality and Subjectivity, ch. 18, pg. 422-423

6 thoughts on “Just ‘Be’”

  1. Thank you, Susan! These posts are always so timely (not coincidental ) for me!

    He was/is such a gift to the world and thank you for everything you did, and continue to do, to share Doc with us. Thank you, again.

  2. Susan…I also thank you for sharing…I read the thoughts at least twice each week…my son and I had the honor of visiting and meditating the reliquary in 2015…one thought (which I admit may be wrong): since time is in the mind, and the mind “perceives” through duality, isn’t the answer to the conundrum that the mind is moving?…again, thanks…Tom

  3. Thanks a lot , dear Susan for help to maintein a high level of vibration in our minds sharing this dr. Hawkins’ s thoughts.
    Every day I focus my mind in his teachins.
    Best regards. Warm hug.

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