Devotional Contemplation

Whereas the goal of the ego/mind is primarily to do, act, acquire, or perform, the intention of contemplation is to “become.” While the intellect wants to know “about,” contemplation seeks Knowingness itself and autonomous wisdom.  Rational thinking is time related, sequential, and linear, whereas contemplation occurs outside of sequential time.  It is nonlinear and related to comprehension of essence.  Devotional contemplation is a way or style of being in the world whereby one’s life becomes a prayer.

From  The Ego is Not the Real You, Part I, pg. 22

2 thoughts on “Devotional Contemplation”

  1. It isn’t easy to know what is calling in me – when to listen and when not to listen to the deep emotions furiously arising in this body.

    Is this just ego who wants me to DO something (generally PERFORM in my case) and refuse to die?
    Wouldn’t it be the fear that makes me NOT DOing it more than wisdom?

    I love (that’s the furious part here – the need) to create businesses, projects, charity associations… and I create a lot of them from scratch with a lot of people following me like if the sky helps me… but always a few months afterward, the motivation goes down as soon as it appears to be contaminated by ego, society, economy, the human littleness (mine and others’) or difficulties that I do not care to deal with… (for what exactly??)

    I stop but, a few weeks later, deep boredom arizes.

    I solved a lot of issues in this body’s life (family, health, money). I have it all now… but I can’t bear to ignore if I’m fleeing by fear/laziness or I’m following my contemplation path.


  2. Thank you for the clarity on the difference between Devotional Contemplation and what the ego/mind seeks to know about. The timing for me to read this is perfect.

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