Reality is the Ultimate in Simplicity

Revelation is a revealed knowingness.
… Ultimately, everything is only knowable by virtue of the identity of ‘being it’. The conundrums of epistemology can be solved only by the elimination of thought because all languaging is a paradox.
… The ego (as the illusory self) propagates itself so that it can continue to be the ‘me’. One of its techniques is to try to ‘learn about’ or ‘understand’ things. Realize that if you are something, there is nothing to understand about it. Reality is the ultimate in simplicity.
Man thinks but thinking is a two edged sword….Truth is the radical simplicity and obviousness of God. It is unity. The word ‘unity’ signifies the completeness of the Self-Identity of existence. All is complete by virtue of being itself. No descriptions or nominal designations are required, they are all distractions. Even to just witness requires no thought. There is no necessity to mentalize Reality, it does not enhance what is but instead detracts from it..
… Enlightenment is the ultimate aesthetic awareness for it allows the beauty of creation to shine forth with stunning clarity.”

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