In the Presence of God

In the Presence of God, all suffering ceases.  One has returned to one’s Source, which is not different from one’s own Self.  It is as though one had forgotten, or is now awakened from, a dream.  All fears are revealed to be groundless; all worries are foolish imaginings.  There is no future to fear, nor past to regret.  There is no errant ego/self to admonish or correct.  There is nothing that needs changing or improving.  There is nothing about which to feel ashamed or guilty.  There is no “other” from which one can be separated.  No loss is possible.  Nothing needs to be done, no effort is required, and one is free from the endless tug of desire and want.

The Ego is Not the Real Self, Part III, Pg. 98

9 thoughts on “In the Presence of God”

  1. It seems this student needs a boost because been here before…and keep coming back to this letting go..I’m like an octopus lol jeez what am I afraid of? Self-questioning going on…

  2. Beautiful and so true. I love Dr Hawkins. I have read his books and so wish I could have met him and attended his lectures.

  3. I am eternally grateful for the work of David Hawkins as it has changed my life. He was, is, and continues to be a beacon of Divine light to humanity by helping us to remember our true Self and awaken to the I Am presents of God within each us.

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