Spiritual Work and the Anticipation of Loss


Q: Spiritual Work sometimes appears to involve anticipation of loss.

A:  Loss is a presumption based on the eg0’s perceptions and projected values. In general, the ego’s loss is illusory and instead constitutes a gain to the Self. All ego positions represent vulnerability.  Their surrender results in greater inner security and pleasure in life.  Eventually, one analogously feels ‘bullet-proof’ and independent of external circumstances.  Even the survival of the body itself eventually becomes irrelevant for its transitoriness is accepted.

Q: But is not survival itself due to the ego’s motives and mechanisms?

A: That is also an illusion.  Survival is a consequence of the Self, not the self.  It is only because of the Self that the ego is of service for a prescribed period of earthly time.  When the ego/mind is silenced, life goes on autonomously, paradoxically even seeing effort as effortless.  All comes about as a consequence of potentiality’s emerging as actuality when conditions permit.  Intention is such a condition.  Eventually, even intention subsides as the will is surrendered to God.

Discovery of the Presence of God, Ch. 13, pg. 223-224

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