What Can You Say About Meditation?

It is both a large subject and yet a very simple one.  The simplest practices are the best and can be continuous throughout the day’s activities.  Formally, if we sit still, close our eyes and stay aware of the breathing, we can look at the patterns that appear to our vision behind closed eyelids.  One simply observes the procession of the mind’s activities without interference or comment.  From there, one then moves on and focuses attention to what it is that is watching this procession.  Identifying the watcher then leads into the witness, which in turn leads to the awareness of the experiencer that these are qualities of consciousness.  One is aware of the witnessing, experiencing, and watching and that these are happening by themselves.  These are impersonal qualities of consciousness. They happen automatically.  There is actually no personal entity that is ‘doing’ the watching, witnessing. or observing.  It is also important to notice that this impersonal quality is unaffected by the content of that which is observed.  The real, transcendent ‘I’ even witnesses sleep.

The Eye of the ‘I’ hardcover, ch. 17, pg.245-246

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