Looking at Feelings and Our Interpersonal Relationships

Looking at the feelings on the level of interpersonal relationships, we now discover another law of consciousness. Our feelings and thoughts always have an effect on other persons and affect our relationships whether these thoughts or feelings are verbalized, expressed, or not.  We can likely intuit the truth of this law of consciousness from our own experience.  We generally know, for example, when someone is angry toward us, even if they say nothing about it.  Sensing their repressed angry feeling, we might ask, “Is something wrong?” Even when they reply, “Oh nothing,” we are still aware of the energy of anger and upset.

It is somewhat dismaying to discover the truth of this interfacing at the energetic level, but anyone can discover it by inner investigation.  The overall attitudes we hold about another person are influencing that other person’s feelings and attitudes about us whether we express them or not.

When first discovering the truth of this we might go through sort of a mild paranoia.  Most everyone is brought up to believe that our thoughts and feelings are private affairs and nobody else’s business, that minds are separated and that emotions happen only within the confines of the body.  As we begin to investigate this area, we find that often the set of feelings we hold about another person is mirrored back to us by their attitude and that, when we change our inner attitude about them, their attitude changes abruptly. We are unconsciously influencing others all the time because of the feeling we hold about them.  As we become more intuitive, we will laugh at our former naiveté.

The only way to get over this initial paranoia is to clean up our own act.  Finding out what needs to be cleaned up is simple and easy. Just look at what you would not want others to know about you and begin to surrender it!

Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender, Ch. 18, pg. 258-259

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