Contemplation Practices

Contemplation is continuous.  It’s like you’re constantly paying attention to one thing.  Let’s say that your assignment for the day is to become aware of the intrinsic perfection and beauty of all that exists, the holiness and the sacredness of all of creation  Wow. That’ll keep you busy for the next 20, 30 years! But in the orientation, you say, “Dear God, I’m trying to see the perfection and beauty of all of existence and I ask for thy blessing.”  There’s supplication to God to help you on this trip and then you’ve stated your intention.  Your intention is to go beyond the linear, beyond perception, beyond your thoughts, opinions, and all of that narcissistic stuff about the world, and see the world s it exists  You’re going past differentiation between perception and essence.

What you’re really asking in meditation and contemplation is to go beyond duality, to stop interpreting perception as reality.  Instead, to sense the essence of things, to sense the exquisite.  For instance, this morning I walked around and it was still dark, and suddenly in the darkness, I heard this loud purr.  And that was my white kitty, picking up the energy of that which I am.  When I pick up his energy, the interaction of those two energies sends us both into a state of bliss, happiness, contentment, ad love, with the joyful presence of God.

The Wisdom of Dr. David R. Hawkins: Classic Teachings on Spiritual Truth and Enlightenment, Ch. 8, pg. 145-146.   Purchase this book through Amazon or Hay House, Inc.


5 thoughts on “Contemplation Practices”

  1. Beautiful! I needed the reminder.

    Question: Did Doc calibrate TM? If so, what was the number? Thanks

  2. I’m in the process of reading the book that the above came from. Wonderful stuff. Of course, no surprise as I’ve read several of his books.

  3. When I was a little boy I would feel like crying when others would wantonly destroy things. I just felt love for everything. I’ve been a carpenter for over 35 years and torn apart countless kitchens, and parts of houses, pulled down out buildings &c. but now it’s fun. It’s become a part of creating beauty and making other people very happy. I look forward to falling in love with all that exists all over again.
    I love this teaching, thank you!!!

  4. Thank You Beautiful Doc. And Beautiful Susan. You both have transformed my life in such profound deep levels. This side of the ceil. Even with the Doc. gone, I can’t thank You both enough. And the miracles keep coming.
    Love and Bless You Both,
    Rebecca K Ball

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