Welcome the Silence

Sound is discernible only because it is superimposed against the background of silence, and thus form can only be recognized because it is superimposed within formless space. Likewise, the content of the mind is only identifiable because of its formless, silent background screen.  The experiencer can thus be directed to focus on the silent, formless backdrop.  The substrate, because of its silence, has an innate feeling of peaceSilence and peace can be chosen, appreciated, valued and welcomed as relief from the constant tension of the ever-watchful expectancy of the experiencer function.  When peace is more valued than the entertainment of the insatiable ego, it will be discovered to be ever present and available.  That one even has such an option is unknown to 99.7 percent of the population.  Thus, there is an unknown freedom available; one can choose merely to refuse the ego investment in the world and one’s thoughts about it (i.e., surrender it to God).

Discovery of the Presence of God, Ch. 15, pg. 247-248

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