Letting Go is a Natural Ability

…It is not something new or foreign.  It is not an esoteric teaching or somebody else’s idea or a belief system.  We are merely utilizing our own inner nature to get freer and happier.  When letting go, it’s not helpful to “think” about the technique.  It’s better, simply, just to do it.  Eventually it will be seen that all thoughts are resistance.  They are all images that the mind has made to prevent us from experiencing what actually is. When we have been letting go for a while and have begun experiencing what is really going on, we will laugh at our thoughts.  Thought are fakes, absurd make-beliefs that obscure the truth.  Pursuing thoughts can keep us occupied endlessly.  We will discover one day that we are right where we started.  Thoughts are like gold fish in a bowl; the real Self is like the water.  The real Self is the space between the thoughts, or more exactly, the field of silent awareness underneath all thoughts.

Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender, Ch. 2, pg. 23-24

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