With Forgiveness, Relationships Can Be Transformed

With observation, it is quite clear that negative feelings reverberate and boomerang back to us, and profoundly affect our relationships. The other person merely mirrors back what we are projecting onto them. When inner feelings are relinquished, the way in which we see the situation changes, and we are often surprised by the abruptness with which feelings of forgiveness suddenly arise and the relationship becomes transformed, even though on the external level we did or said nothing to express this inner change.

Try this exercise now, by bringing to mind a person in your life that you have an unkind attitude toward.  Write down the negative feelings you have toward this person.  Since this is your journal, honestly express everything you feel in this moment about this person and why.

When you feel that all the negative feelings have been written down and released, at least on paper, look within yourself and see if you sense any higher feelings, perhaps calm, peace, forgiveness, a sense of being okay, or acceptance.

…Note if anything changes in your relationship with this person, now that you have let go of your negative feelings toward them.

The Letting Go Guided Journal: Pgs. 108-109.

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