Love is Self-Fulfilling

The relinquishing of judgmentalism greatly increases the capacity of Love, as does surrendering the wanting of anything from others.  Thus, people are not perceived according to what they have or do but by appreciation for what they are and have become.

Love is self-fulfilling and thus does not seek gain or to compensate for lack.  Because it does not need to ‘get’, it is therefore free to peacefully ‘be with’ and appreciate.  To Love, the world is more benign and its people appear more friendly and available.  There is an increased feeling of safety and identification with mankind in general and concern for the welfare and happiness of others.  The energy field is accompanied by a radiant aura that intrinsically has an effect on others who themselves then tend to become more benign as do their perceptions.  This energy field has an influence on all life, which intuits the safety of Love through the field effect. Characteristic of this level are an unmistakable ‘sweetness’ of personality, speech, attitudes, and lifestyle that is inwardly nurturing.

Transcending the Levels of Consciousness, Ch. 14, pgs. 250-251

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