Truth is Natural

Because of that which you have become, the Kundalini energy flows automatically based on the level of consciousness, through the appropriate chakra system, the acupuncture system, and it alters the brain physiology as a consequence of that which it is.Ā  Remember that from 200 and up, brain physiology shifts the left brain to the right brain.Ā  And the whole sequence of processing is completely different.Ā  This is natural.Ā  It’s a consequence of that which you have become.Ā  If you turn your life into devotion to become that, and you be that, as a matter of being that, then when you can see the beauty and divinity of all that exists and the sacredness of all of life, et cetera, you see the divinity that shines forth through all of creation.

The Wisdom of Dr. David R. Hawkins, Ch. 6, pg. 109