Positive Feelings Related to Work

These are always felt as pleasant and include such feelings as joy, happiness and security.Ā  They instigate a process of thinking and ideation that is exemplified by the thoughts “I can” and “We can,” regardless of the event, situation, or problem in which the person is involved.

Positive feelings flow naturally when negative feelings are not in action.Ā  Nothing needs to be done to acquire positive feelings, as they are part and parcel of our natural state.Ā  This positive inner state is always there, and it is merely covered over by suppressed negative feelings.

When the clouds are removed, the sun shines forth.Ā  The freeing up of abilities, creative ideas, talents, and resourcefulness occurs automatically as a result of the positive state of mind that ensues when the negative aspects have been surrendered.Ā  Letting go of negativity frees up inspiration to create an endless flow of creative ideas.

...It is as if the energy field of creative genius is available and waiting for us as soon as we surrender the cloud of negativity that prevent its revelation to us.

Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender: pg. 286-287