To Evolve Spiritually is the Greatest Gift

To evolve spiritually is actually the greatest gift one can give the world, and that is done by virtue of what one is and not just by what one does.  A useful technique to bypass mentalization is that of creative visualization in which the desired  goal is envisioned and held in mind periodically.  Potentiality tends to manifest  when conditions are favorable, and intention (plus karmic propensities) is a contextual influence.  In ordinary mentation, logic and sequence are seen as causal and also needful of effort.  Envisioning is influential on outcome by entirely different (and easier) mechanisms.  What is held in mind tends to manifest and the technique is utilized in diverse areas, including sports and even business.  The higher the level of consciousness, the greater the likelihood that what is held in mind will actualize. Thus, to see solutions that .serve the highest goal is more powerful than simply projecting fulfillment of merely personal selfish desires and gain.

Book of Slides, Slide 72, Spiritual Practices, pg. 155

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