By Virtue of Intention

Q: You have said that just the act of consciousness calibration changes the calibration of something by virtue of intention.  How is that possible?

We have discovered that when people over 200 observe something from lovingness, they are already raising its calibrated level of consciousness measurably. For example, when we consider something or someone adorable, the calibration that was at 204 will jump to 310 or so.  Do you see what this means?  You don’t need to go out and do fancy things.  Just witness the sacredness of all existence, approach all life with reverence and good will, and by doing so, you’re changing the world by virtue of the Heisenberg’s principle which states that the observation of something changes it….

The higher the level of consciousness of the observation, the greater the impact on the observed.  We have literally been changing the calibrated levels of consciousness and much of society by sheer observation of the work that we’re doing collectively.  Everything we look at lovingly raises its calibration, even the Komodo dragon.  He’s just being what he is, a very good Komodo dragon, who can kill with precision and eat you up with a single bite!  That’s impressive, and we see the lovability of the Komodo dragon as an expression of Divinity within the unfoldment of Creation in which everything serves the Ultimate.

The world is becoming that which we hold in mind, and if it’s lovingly intended, then it’s very powerful. Look at all the power you walk around with and didn’t know it! Everything we look at, if we love it and forgive it for being what is — if we witness the sacredness of it, if we see it as an expression of evolution, and that it serves some ultimate purpose – then our observation influences it.

The Map of Consciousness Explained, pg. 92-93

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