How Does Devotion Come to Be a Dominant Quality?

Accept that one is attracted by the destination rather than propelled by the past.  The evolution of consciousness is one’s karmic inheritance because it is a quality innate to human consciousness itself.  Courage arises from commitment and integrity of alignment and dedication.  A valuable characteristic of dedication is felicity, which eventually becomes empowered as a quiet but persistent inner fervor.  The value of watchful witnessing is that even just awareness of an ego defect tends to undo it.  By surrender and prayerful invocation, Divine Will facilitates transition from the lesser to the greater for the Self effortlessly supports and energizes intention.  The Self is like a magnetic attraction by which the personal will is progressively surrendered and resistance is weakened.  Thus the pathway itself is self-fulling, gratifying, and reveals progressive rewards.  Each step, no matter how seemingly small, is equally valuable.

Transcending the Levels of Consciousness: 2006 edition, Ch. 22, pg. 364-365

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