Imperfection Exists Only in the Mind’s Thoughts

The perceptual world is formed out of familiar forms and images held together by belief systems and energized by emotions.  Whether the object or situation is loved or hated, feared or admired, seen as ugly or beautiful, depends on the observer.  Such qualities do not exist in the world.  Adjectives have no actual existence or reality.

As consciousness evolves to higher levels, the world changes in appearance and behavior.¬† As consciousness reaches the levels which calibrate in the high 500’s, the beauty and perfection of the world shine forth with divine Radiance as the core of its existence.¬† All apparent form and separateness begin to disappear, and everything is seen to be connected and continuous with everything else.¬† One is then the witness to the endless miracle of timeless creation.¬† Everything is viewed whole, perfect and complete. With the realization of self-identity, everything is seen to be absolutely perfect in its expression of divine essence.¬† Imperfection exists only in the mind’s thoughts.¬† No imperfection exists in the world as it is.

The Eye of the “I”: From Which Nothing is Hidden, 2001, Ch. 12, pg. 191-192