The State of Acceptance

In acceptance, we enjoy the experience of harmony.¬† We feel as though events are flowing.¬† We feel secure.¬† We can be of service to others without a feeling of self-sacrifice.¬† There is the feeling:¬† “I’m okay,” You’re okay,” and “It’s okay.” It’s a feeling of belonging, connectedness, fullness, loving, understanding, and the feeling of being understood.¬† It is a feeling of caring, warmth, and self-worth.¬† Because of the security of this state, we can allow ourselves to be soft, mellow and natural.¬† There is a joy, and we feel “in tune” and relaxed.¬† There is the feeling that it’s all right just to be ourselves.

…There are many pathways that carry us to the state of Acceptance, and this is the gateway which leads eventually to the next highest states, described as the consciousness levels of love and peace. To many people who have been surrendering for periods of time, this ultimate objective progressively supersedes all others.¬† To dwell in states of unconditional love and imperturbable peace becomes the inner aim, more important than any other achievement.

Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender, pg. 165-167