How Can I Make My Mind Stop Thinking?

” I go to bed at night and my mind just keeps on thinking.”

One can transcend the identification with the content of mind and it doesnā€™t take much effort. In fact, itā€™s quite easy, to really allow yourself to surrender and realize that one is the witness of the thinking, one is the field of awareness of the thinking, and identify with consciousness itself, with the realization that the higher truth is that one is consciousness itself and not the content of consciousness. Next comes the realization of what is the source of consciousness, and with the realization of the source of consciousness, one then enters into a field of knowingness, in which the knower and the known are one and the same thing. And at that point one has transcended duality and one sees there is no difference between the knower and the known, that they are one and the same.Ā  And one realizes and becomes identified with the source of existence itself, the source of consciousness itself, and with that there arises a feeling of being at home.

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The Highest Level of Enlightenment: Transcend the Levels of Consciousness for Total Self-Realization, ch 11, pg. 106-107