When We are Surrendered…

When we are surrendered, there is no longer the pressure of time.

Frustration comes from wanting a thing now instead of letting it happen naturally in its own time.  Patience is an automatic side effect of letting go, and we know how easy it is to get along with patient people.  Notice that patient people usually get what they want in the end.

from The Letting Go  Card Deck

Added text from Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender book: Ch, 18, pg 276:

One resistance to letting go is the illusion that, if we let go of our wantingness and our expectations, we won’t get what we want. We fear that we will lose it if we don’t keep pressuring for it. The mind has the idea that the way to get a thing is to want it. Actually, if we examine the issue, we will see that events are due to decisions, and choices are based on our intentions. What we get is the result of these choices, even though they are unconscious, rather than what we think we want. When we surrender the pressure of wantingness, we are clear to make wiser choices and decisions.