How Can That Be Overcome?

Despite dedication to the goal of Enlightenment, the mind seems reluctant, resistant, or even too lazy to go through the necessary process.Ā  Ā How can that be overcome?

Resistance is to be expected and accepted as an innate quality of the ego.Ā  Part of its function is stabilization in order to facilitate performance and reliability.Ā  It does not like to feel out of control or off balance and is thus resistant to being questioned or examined, which is perceived as a potential threat to its sovereignty.

The ego has a vested interest in its positionalities, presumptions, and assumptions.Ā  There is therefore an ambivalence regarding change–on the one hand, it is exciting and interesting, but on the other hand, it can be viewed as an unwelcome challenge and resented.Ā  Thus, it tends to maintain the status quo, even if doing so continues to be unsatisfactory; for example, repeating the same resistances over and over, hoping for a difference outcome.

The Discovery of the Presence of God, Ch 13, pg. 220-221