To Be ‘Spiritual’ Means…

What anything ‘means’ is identical with what it is,Ā for what it is, is its meaning. With this realization, the essence of the world shines forth with the Radiance of Divinity as revelation, and all is seen to be equally loveable, perfect, magnificent, and beautiful.Ā To restate: The world as it is, is perfect for the advancement of human consciousness as it provides maximum opportunity for gaining positive merit and the undoing of the negative via the spiritual options of the will.Ā  To see it as such results in gratitude as well as forbearance with seemingly negative experiences that involve suffering.

To be ‘spiritual’ means that intention is focused on spiritual goals, meaning and spiritual recontextualization of life’s events and experiences.Ā  It also means to value the gift of life itself as well as that of other sentient beings.Ā  Spiritual intention itself recontextualizes all of life in all its expressions, and thereby meaning and significance become apparent.

Reality, Spirituality, and Modern Man, Ch. 16, pg. 309-310