The Importance of a Sense of Humor

I’ve also touched on the importance of a sense of humor.  I think this is extremely important, as important as any of the other things in life, like love and gratitude and solemnity.  Humor has a healing effect among people.  It points out the ambiguities in life, and it points out very often the ambiguity between the content and the context and how you sort of see the two end up really the opposite.  Humor also has a way of connecting people and helping them put aside differences through a new perspective or mindset.  People have written books on how they recovered from grave illnesses by just employing nothing but humor.  Laughter releases endorphins in the brain and releases stress, among other major health benefits.

In the World but Not of It: pg. 48-49

That Which We Truly Cherish

and revere is protected by our own reverence.  If we tell somebody that we do something because we get enjoyment out of it, there is nothing much they can say about it, is there?  If we infer that we do it because we are right in doing it, we will instantly see their hackles go up because they, also, have an opinion on what is right.

Our values are our preferences.  We hold them because we love them, enjoy them, and get pleasure from them.  If we hold them in that context, we will be left in peace to enjoy them.

If we look at opinions, we will see that they are a dime a dozen.  We become much less vulnerable if we put our thoughts, ideas, and beliefs, which are all opinions, into a different context.  We can view them as ideas that we like or dislike.  We can see that it is primarily our emotions that are giving them any value in the first place.  If we don’t take a prideful stance about our opinions, then we’re at liberty to change them.

The Letting Go Guided Journal: How to Remove Your Inner Blocks to Happiness, Love, and Success pg. 62

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The Universe Responds to Love

The universe responds to love by revealing its prevalence.  It is hidden to ordinary perception, but the awareness is finessed by lovingness itself.  Awareness is a capacity that is beyond the senses or emotions.  If one ceases anthropomorphic projections and limitations, it is revealed that all that exists is innately conscious and emanates love as a consequence of the divinity of Creation.

The Ego is Not the Real You, pg. 114

Letting Go of Resisting

The letting go of resisting is so effective because resistance traps us into a certain state of consciousness; resistance is within.  Fear is a negative energy that calibrates at 100 and traps us in the field.  We cannot get beyond it so we become the victim of our own fears unless we own that we are the source of them. As long as we rationalize and say that the source of fear is ‘out there’, we cannot overcome it.  Once we begin to own that we are the experiencer, that we are the one who sets up the way in which we experience things, then we become the one who is master of the situation.  Our self-esteem becomes affected.  We are no longer the one who is the victim or subject to fear.  We are something other than the fear.  Fear is nothing but an experience in consciousness, and we no longer have to give it reality by labeling it as a fear of something, which can be an endless process.

Healing and Recovery, ch. 9, pg. 277

To Clear the Mind

Once thoughts, like objects, are depersonalized, they become devalued and lose their attraction.  Thoughts and feelings arise from desire, and the mind desires what it values.

To clear the mind, merely note that nothing at all is of special or unique “value” or “worth” except by invested, superimposed, and projected belief.  Therefore, withdraw value, worth, importance, and interest.

The Ego is Not the Real You, pg. 65