Satsang Series (May 2006)


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As spiritual students, we all have questions that arise while on our path. Join Dr. Hawkins on this Satsang Series May 2006 cd set as he delves into those questions asked by sincere attendees from around the world, but pertinent to us all. With humor, compassion, and honesty, he gives us words of wisdom and grace that sets our hearts at ease.

“What a great gift we are to each other. I look around the room, I realize every one of you is a gift; you know, every one of us is a blessing. We’re all a blessing to each other. What a tremendously, powerful group it is, a really, really, really powerful group. So we’re all thankful for each other and thankful for everyone here.” –Dr. Hawkins

The Essence of the Questions…

  • I experienced Satori.  In your book, “I” you said that, “after experiencing Satori, the ego’s days are numbered.”  I was wondering if you know how many more days I have left?
  • I grew up in the Midwest and hunting was a way of life.  Have I incurred any negative Karma as a result of that killing?
  • How can I find the words to describe how it feels to have the unity and not the separateness when I pray?
  • Would you describe how you can merge contemplation with surrender to God?
  • Can a person heal unconscious guilt without identifying every one of them?
  • I’m thinking of doing psychoanalysis, but I’d rather be out hiking.  What do you think?
  • In canceling illness, is it true that I may or may not get rid of the illness?
  • My inner conflict has to do with the pathway of negation because it even negates beauty, kindness, and reverence.
  • Could you speak on “sackcloth and ashes,” the pathway of penance?
  • At the last lecture you said, “Enlightenment is dropping the sense of self as the determinate of actions.”  Could you speak on dropping the “self””
  • How can I study and learn from your teachings without developing a belief system or an attachment to them?
  • I’m so grateful and my gratitude overflowed into this basket and I was wondering, would you receive it?
  • We come into this life with a purpose and then we forget what it was.  How can I know if I’m living God’s will or mine?
  • When you say “we have our hands on the rudder,” could you help me discern the difference between the powerlessness that the 12-step program talks about,; however, we have responsibility with God’s help?
  • The Bible said that, “Christ rose again on the third day.”  Is that right?  Was it his actual physical body that rose up from the dead?
  • Have you ever seen etheric bodies?
  • Would you read the 91st Psalm from the Lamsa Bible?
  • When you’ve talked about contemplation and focusing on the context, what do you exactly mean by the context?
  • I know about surrendering things to God, and then I see a pile of dishes in the sink, and I know they (unfortunately) need to get done….He speaks about stewardship
  • Is One the Allness?
  • After you read the 91st Psalm. . . my husband has been studying it.  It was a very special moment for us…
  • I’m  part of a 12-step program.  Is a mentor the same as a Teacher?
  • I’m beginning to suspect that whatever I think I see in other people is just a projection from my ego?
  • I know that a very high Teacher has a frequency that they transmit to the aura of the student.  Is that frequency transferable through books and tapes as well?
  • I am so grateful to have found you as a Teacher.
  • I’m reading a book by Monroe about out-of-body travel.  You said not to seek out the Siddhis.  Does this fall under that action?
  • What practice can be used to get beyond the Void?
  • All experience comes out of resistance.  When you ponder this statement, is it a quality of Divinity that we search for, or is it something other than a quality?
  • My question is about perception.  I’ve realized I am to only see beauty and love?
  • The pull to use my professional gifts, which require me to stay in the “big city,” and then desire for a simpler life confuses me  Is it not abdicating ones responsibility to move to a smaller town?
  • What is the efficacy or the usefulness of using objects or/or implements to help with prayer and devotion?
  • My question is about being conscious and being unconscious.  Right now, the deepest self I can identify with is being aware.  And it’s like a screen that comes on and off in it’s own time.  Is that “screen” in the field of witnessing or in the field of consciousness?
  • Is there anything that can be done for someone whose consciousness has been taken over by lower astral entities?
  • During my dream state I had a force holding me in place.  Could you help me understand what happened?
  • Can human consciousness go beyond 1,000?
  • How is it possible for the Void, being devoid of Divinity and Love, to calibrate so high?
  • You calibrated the word or concept of Sufism at about 700.  Why didn’t you calibrate the saints or locations as well?
  • Are you saying that you don’t calibrate aspects of the various forms of spirituality unless you’ve experienced some of them?
  • I’m writing about people in history.  Is their energy still present in the universe and is it possible to connect with whatever their energy is as I’m writing about them?
  • Can an atheist calibrate above 200?

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