2006 #3 Satsang Series May 10, 2006 (CD)


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Running time: 1 Hour and 50 Minutes
Publisher: Veritas Publishing
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“What a great gift we are to each other. I look around the room, I realize every one of you is a gift; you know, every one of us is a blessing. We’re all a blessing to each other. What a tremendously, powerful group it is, a really, really, really powerful group. So we’re all thankful for each other and thankful for everyone here.” –Dr. Hawkins

The Essence of the Questions…

  • I experienced Satori.  In your book, “I” you said that, “after experiencing Satori, the ego’s days are numbered.”  I was wondering if you know how many more days I have left?  
  • I grew up in the Midwest and hunting was a way of life.  Have I incurred any negative Karma as a result of that killing?  
  • How can I find the words to describe how it feels to have the unity and not the separateness when I pray?  
  • Would you describe how you can merge contemplation with surrender to God?  
  • Can a person heal unconscious guilt without identifying every one of them?  
  • I’m thinking of doing psychoanalysis, but I’d rather be out hiking.  What do you think?  
  • In canceling illness, is it true that I may or may not get rid of the illness?  
  • My inner conflict has to do with the pathway of negation because it even negates beauty, kindness, and reverence.  
  • Could you speak on “sackcloth and ashes,” the pathway of penance?  
  • At the last lecture you said, “Enlightenment is dropping the sense of self as the determinate of actions.”  Could you speak on dropping the “self””  
  • How can I study and learn from your teachings without developing a belief system or an attachment to them?  
  • I’m so grateful and my gratitude overflowed into this basket and I was wondering, would you receive it?  
  • We come into this life with a purpose and then we forget what it was.  How can I know if I’m living God’s will or mine?  
  • When you say “we have our hands on the rudder,” could you help me discern the difference between the powerlessness that the 12-step program talks about,; however, we have responsibility with God’s help?  
  • The Bible said that, “Christ rose again on the third day.”  Is that right?  Was it his actual physical body that rose up from the dead? 
  • Have you ever seen etheric bodies?  
  • Would you read the 91st Psalm from the Lamsa Bible?  
  • When you’ve talked about contemplation and focusing on the context, what do you exactly mean by the context?
  • I know about surrendering things to God, and then I see a pile of dishes in the sink, and I know they (unfortunately) need to get done….He speaks about stewardship  
  • Is One the Allness?  
  • After you read the 91st Psalm. . . my husband has been studying it.  It was a very special moment for us…  
  • I’m  part of a 12-step program.  Is a mentor the same as a Teacher?  
  • I’m beginning to suspect that whatever I think I see in other people is just a projection from my ego?  
  • I know that a very high Teacher has a frequency that they transmit to the aura of the student.  Is that frequency transferable through books and tapes as well?  
  • I am so grateful to have found you as a Teacher.  
  • I’m reading a book by Monroe about out-of-body travel.  You said not to seek out the Siddhis.  Does this fall under that action?  
  • What practice can be used to get beyond the Void?  
  • All experience comes out of resistance.  When you ponder this statement, is it a quality of Divinity that we search for, or is it something other than a quality?  
  • My question is about perception.  I’ve realized I am to only see beauty and love?  
  • The pull to use my professional gifts, which require me to stay in the “big city,” and then desire for a simpler life confuses me  Is it not abdicating ones responsibility to move to a smaller town?  
  • What is the efficacy or the usefulness of using objects or/or implements to help with prayer and devotion?  
  • My question is about being conscious and being unconscious.  Right now, the deepest self I can identify with is being aware.  And it’s like a screen that comes on and off in it’s own time.  Is that “screen” in the field of witnessing or in the field of consciousness?  
  • Is there anything that can be done for someone whose consciousness has been taken over by lower astral entities?  
  • During my dream state I had a force holding me in place.  Could you help me understand what happened?  
  • Can human consciousness go beyond 1,000?  
  • How is it possible for the Void, being devoid of Divinity and Love, to calibrate so high?  
  • You calibrated the word or concept of Sufism at about 700.  Why didn’t you calibrate the saints or locations as well?  
  • Are you saying that you don’t calibrate aspects of the various forms of spirituality unless you’ve experienced some of them?  
  • I’m writing about people in history.  Is their energy still present in the universe and is it possible to connect with whatever their energy is as I’m writing about them?  
  • Can an atheist calibrate above 200?

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