Realization and Revelation

The relinquishment of the ego’s positionalities reduces its dominance and opens the door for comprehension and awareness that are nonlinear and nonconceptual.  Thus emerges the ‘knowingness’ of the Self by which conflicts spontaneously dissolve.  These inner transformations are accompanied by quiet joy, relief, and a greater sense of internal freedom, safety, and peace.  The power of the Love of the Self progressively predominates and eventually eclipses all negative feelings, doubts, and obstacles. 
Transformation is thus not experienced as the loss of the self but rather as the gain of the emergence and unfoldment of the Self, which is of a much greater dimension.  What actually emerges is a change of state of condition that supersedes and replace the old.  Thus, the lesser is replaced by the greater, by which spiritual evolution reveals the Presence of God as Immanent.  This discovery is the change in the state of consciousness historically referred to as ‘Enlightenment’ or God-consciousness’. 
Reality, Spirituality, and Modern Man, ch. 14, pg. 284-285



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  1. I like that this was written down. I can say that I can identify to some extent what Dr. Hawkins has explained here. It’s nice to know that I am on the right track and I am very grateful to Dr. Hawkins for all of his work.

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