The Energy of the Teacher is Present and Available

It has come to my attention that some students of Dr. Hawkins are advertising their Airbnb or other rentals as special locations near where he lived, places where he personally visited, or that the house is aligned with Dr. Hawkins in some special way. This kind of promotionalism implies that the rental space offers a special spiritual benefit to you. Beware of such profit-seeking. Remember Dr. Hawkins’ guidance to avoid using spiritual teachings for personal gain, and his assurance that the energy of the teacher is present and available to all who call upon it with a sincere heart.

One thought on “The Energy of the Teacher is Present and Available”

  1. I’ve noticed in my life, I’ve always been surrounded by Gemini’s. My grandma which I grew up with was Gemini, my step father was a Gemini and I also grew up with him from age 11 and up. My younger brother is a Gemini. My partners 2 kids are Gemini’s. In the midst of hell created by the mind and experiences, one day when I was about to give up on my relationship I found Dr. David R. Hawkins when I read the title “letting go” on audible, it finally turned the wheel, I started to advance where I was getting stuck in life, I am so grateful for Dr. David R Hawkins and Susan Hawkins because for David R Hawkins to have chosen you, I know that counts highly. So going back to what I was saying in regards to energy, “Gemini ends up being my “Moon” sign and then I laughed, it’s no wonder I attracted Dr. David R. Hawkins, he has a Gemini sun. So When he arrived to this realm his solar plexus was created in the time the Sun was in Gemini which is my moon sign who the moon is associated to the Yin qualities as in emotions and reactions. What’s interesting it’s that Gemini is an air element, which is intellect and communication, so it explains why he communicated so well and his intelligence was very well conveyed. Gemini is also Gem-in- the eye. thank you Susan happy to see you out here. 🙂

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