Q.  How can meditation persist in one’s daily existence?
 A.  By merely constantly posing the question to oneself of ‘what’ is doing the acting, talking, feeling, thinking, or observing.  This is a focus of attention, with no languaging.  The spiritual teacher Ramana Maharshi called that process ‘self-inquiry’, which he recommended  as a technique that was suitable at all times in all activities.  Continuous meditation could be likened to a mudra, or posture and attitude, in which every act is sanctified by its surrender as an act of service or worship.  When one’s attitude towards everything becomes a devotion, Divinity reveals itself.
The Eye of the I, ch. 17, pg. 321

10 thoughts on “Self-Inquiry”

  1. I must admit that these sentences are more and more compressed with a lot of knowledge and responses at the same time. For example i had no idea what”s the real term used for simbolism. Still not able finding that attitude of devotion towards everything so Divinity must have been placed far far away from my person. Meditating gives me shivers sometimes. Thank you for sharing !

  2. Self -inquiry / meditation gives the opportunity of getting new formulas for recreating your reality : sometimes this can cause at the same time inner peace, revolt, acting odd. Merely a problem of acceptance. Extraordinary exemplified !

  3. Meditation/self – inquiry brought me to that point where I have understood that every single small act from someone near me can and will affect me depending on the energy that he/she has . Asociating this with the language of the body and or mudra can actually simplify everything . It’s a dangerous or beatifull type of awareness depending of with what emotions they are feding you.

  4. Self – inquiry can turn someone’s world upside-down with no option of returning to the point where started . Giving yourself/myself the courage to discover small words weighting much or big words that are short headed to victory is what Divinity could offer .

  5. I’m so inspired by his teachings. These quotes continuously help me reaffirm my choices. The wisdom of Divine presence and how to get there–who else would be
    able to share such insight? Right now, in these teachings…I have the confidence I will get there.

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