What is Meant by Spiritual

Thoughts & quotes from Sir David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. & Susan Hawkins

Susan: Today we’re going to speak on what is meant by spiritual.

Dr. Hawkins: Oh my, that’s a tough one. Religion is easy. Spiritual is the essence of religion. Spiritual means the realization that one’s reality is beyond the physical, that it involves other realms. These other realms are different qualities, nonphysicality, nonlocality. To feel the presence of God is so overwhelming, but there’s no way of explaining it. If a person has never had the experience of the presence of divinity, it’s very hard to explain to them. But you can attempt that a great feeling of beatitude and beauty and you’re aware that there is an infinite presence.

The infinite presence becomes overwhelming and dominates all that exists. And then as one’s talking at you, you realize that that same spirit is what is speaking through you, what is speaking through me right now, is of divine origin. The spiritual energy of the Ultimate Reality segments down, you might say, to the time, the place and the individual. But it’s ruled by intention. Intention is to rise to the highest possible level of awareness for the purpose of communication and because that level has a certain energy. So what I’m saying right now is comprehensible to many people who calibrate above a certain level and incomprehensible to people who calibrate below that level.

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