We are Addicted to the Ego!

Q: Why is the ego so difficult to overcome?

A: One becomes addicted to the ego and preoccupied with its contents. It attracts all of one’s attention so that one becomes obsessed with the mind and its feelings. If the person believes that the mind and its contents are the real ‘me’, then the focus is certainly understandable. Basically, this error is due to naiveté. The mind is an amusement park, full of thrills and spills and curiosities. It is also a theater of the absurd for the drama of feelings and social identifications. It is an ‘act’ in that it is a personal characterization, dramatization, and display.

I: Reality and Subjectivity, ch. 18, pg. 416

2 thoughts on “We are Addicted to the Ego!”

  1. Thank you, Susan, for this. Every post you make is always what I need to hear, when I need it. In meditation, in daily life, in everything mind/ego wants to have attention paid to it and it wants to fall down every rabbit hole it can. It truly is an amusement park.

    God Bless you and thank you for sharing Doc with us all for so many years!

  2. Happy USA Thanksgiving to our wonderful and dear treasured neighbours . May your goodness rise above day to day drama, and may you always remember the beacon of Light you are to our world… Cheers from

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