Be kind, supportive, and compassionate to all of life…

“There is, however, a growing segment of the population that is admittedly spiritual and embraces the practice of spiritual values in daily life without the necessity of formal religion per se. … friendly to religion but at the same time may keep a formal distance because they see it as too sectarian, restrictive, or decisive. Spiritually-oriented people tend to become familiar with the tenets of a variety of religions and seek to identify the inherent truth that is essential to each. Thus, the most common search in today’s world is for universal, practical spiritual principles that are self evident, have intrinsic value, and do not depend solely on ecclesiastical authority or dogma. To be kind, supportive, and compassionate to all of life is a common, overall prevailing attitude.”

3 thoughts on “Be kind, supportive, and compassionate to all of life…”

  1. I love how pragmatic Doc’s teachings are-just be kind, compassionate and supportive. Simple and straightforward is the path!

  2. I early on loved Jung for finding universal principles within various traditions, yet advising to find value in the tradition one was raised with. I love Dr. Hawkins, who for me, aligned with best practices. He continues to bring clarity and loving support in his writings and I am grateful <3

    God be with you Susan. <3

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