Let Go the Negative

Choosing the Positive

One surprising effect of the willingness to let go of our inner negativity is the discovery that the polar opposite of the negative feelings exists. There is an inner reality that we can term our “inner greatness” or “Higher Self.” It has much more power than the inner negativity. In return for letting go of the payoffs that we were getting from the negative position, we are now surprised by the positive payoffs that stem from the power of our positive feelings. For example, when we let go of blame, we experience forgiveness.

Our Higher Self, which we might say is the composite of our higher feelings, has almost unlimited capabilities. It can create employment opportunities. It can create situations for the healing of relationships. It has the power to create the opportunity for loving relationships, financial opportunities, and physical healing. As we stop giving authority and energy to all of the negative programs that stem from our own thinking, we stop giving away our power to others and begin to own it back again. This results in a rise of self-esteem, the return of creativity, and the opening of a positive vision of the future that replaces fearfulness.

from Letting Go, ch. 4, pg. 63-64

3 thoughts on “Let Go the Negative”

  1. Before I found Dr Hawkin’s work…I would find myself in negative states (and I really didn’t like it). As I sought ways to heal, so much information I uncovered tried, in a multitude of ways, to deal with negativity. I tried paraliminals and all sorts of unconventional (conventional didn’t work either) things that seemed to be making no difference.

    For me, embracing continuous cycles of Dr Hawkin’s teachings actually helped me to learn how to choose the positive. It wasn’t just reading about it and letting the mind intellectually become more educated…it was about experiencing the positive qualities of life already available to me. His teachings continue to serve me well.

  2. Hello Susan Hawkins. I have been studying the work of David R. Hawkins since November 4, 2004 and it has changed my live. I recently conducted a book study of the book “Letting Go” with 13 participants from our Calgary Spiritual Community. The results were phenomenal as each one of us learned from the book and from each other’s interpretation of what we read. Human Consciousness is on the rise as a result of his work and the work that you are doing. It is my desire and goal to be spreading the awareness of this work so that individuals may adapt it to their personal unique circumstances. We are all self-teachers and we all need to learn from the guidance of Hawkins’ enlightened work.

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